Prices from R3000 for 1 room using B-grade material

Precast Rooms and Housing

Our precast concrete stop nonsense rooms and housing is manufactured with our popular stop nonsense poles and slabs product. For the past 40 years people has been using precast stop nonsense walls to build rooms or housing quick and easy. Precast concrete stop nonsense rooms and housing can be erected much faster than brick and is the cheapest way of building a strong room or house that can last a long time.

We offer a choice of these heights for your walls; 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m. You can also choose where to insert windows and doors. All our precast concrete stop nonsense rooms or housing are reinforced with steel to ensure a strong product that can withstand the elements. Pillars are planted 500mm into the ground with concrete and cement mixture that will ensure no sagging.

Building a normal brick wall leaves a huge mess. Using precast concrete walling is much neater to install with minimum impact to your property. We do not have to enter your premises with big equipment and huge amounts of brick building materials that will stay on your premises for weeks and mess up your yard.

You have a choice between our single sided products like plain or clinker precast walls or our double-sided products like brick crete precast walls. Single sided concrete precast stop nonsense walling is manufactured using a normal cement blend that gives a grey finish and a single sided texture. Our Brickcrete precast concrete stop nonsense rooms or housing is a new brick type concept that will give you the same look of a brick building but at a fraction of the price than normal brick.

Advantages of precast concrete stop nonsense rooms and housing: